The Miraculous Power of Laukahi

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The Miraculous Power of Laukahi

To begin our 10 part series on Ho’olono products and the simple ingredients used to produce them, Gabriel Monaghan presents Laukahi. This is the active ingredient in our Laukahi Salve, a must have for healing a number of things on the skin from rashes and bug bites, to infections and even diaper rash.  Follow this series of videos to get a better understanding of the healing plants of the Hawaiian Islands.

Laukahi Salve

Do you ever wish that you could get your hands on a safe natural product small enough to fit in your pocket and effective enough to alleviate many kinds of skin irritations? Would you like Something safe enough for a baby, yet potent enough to alleviate chapped lips, cracking skin, rashes, bug bites, chafing, diaper rash, sunburn, scrapes, scratches, cuts, flaky skin, red patches, abscesses, boils, acne and more? Try Laukahi Salve. It’s single active ingredient has provided humanity much needed relief since it’s prehistoric discovery.

Laukahi salve is mild and safe enough for pets, children and even babies. It can even be used as a lip balm or moisturizer. Our Laukahi Salve is an excellent natural skin remedy to always have on hand for people and pets of all ages.

Laukahi (Plantain) is our active ingredient in this simple ointment. Also known as Plantago major and Plantago lanceolata, it has been used as medicine in Hawai’i since the arrival of early European sailing vessels. Since coming to Hawai’i over 200 years ago, laukahi or common plantain has spread throughout the islands and grows prolifically in most grassy areas. Many native healers have adopted this wonderful herb into their arsenal of healing warriors. The knowledge of this herb in Hawai’i is thus perpetuated forward. Over the years many tens of thousands have been helped and healed as a result.

This common herb now grows in most parts of the world. It may even be growing right outside your own front door.

Laukahi salve is a simple preparation involving only three ingredients:

1: Laukahi, the active ingredient.

2: Olive oil, the carrier for the laukahi.

3: Beeswax, the thickening agent for this ointment.

We grow and wild harvest the laukahi that we use in our preparation. On our farm we Malama ‘Aina by incorporating carbon sequestering, no till, organic soil building practices. After harvesting, the laukahi is washed and dried. It is then ground into a powder, and infused into olive oil by soaking for up to one month. During this time the laukahi and olive oil are mixed regularly. Towards the end of the process we gently warm up the oil / laukahi slurry so it retains maximum potency. At this point it is pressed and blended with premium beeswax. Enjoy this simple safe and effective remedy that you can take with you wherever you go.


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