Mamaki Tea – Naturally Healing

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Mamaki Tea – Naturally Healing

Mamaki is a native Hawaiian plant. It is a member of the nettle family. The leaves of the plant are picked and dried, then brewed with hot water to make a delicious tea. It’s good both hot and cold, and the plant’s bold herbal notes are tamed with a subtle, natural sweetness.

Native Hawaiians use Mamaki often for medicinal purposes. It was long considered a miracle plant because people people believed that Mamaki cured many things from high blood pressure, to digestion issues, etc. Because Mamaki is common growing up in Hawaii, it’s fascinating to see how Mamaki is becoming so trendy and popular in mainstream culture.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this healthy and delicious organic tea. Sweet, nutty, mild and nourishing. it’s no surprise that the popularity of Mamaki tea has grown. This traditional Hawaiian beverage is always a welcome drink at any luau or party where food and drink is abundantly provided. This non-caffeinated herbal tea is ‘ono and pono, delicious and nutritious. It brings great benefit to all those who drink it, kupuna (elders) and keiki (little children) alike. Warmed on a cold night, or ice cold on a hot day, mamaki tea can be sweetened with honey, or enjoyed plain. It can be brewed singly, or together with lemongrass or mint. The Health benefits of Mamaki tea have been recognized since ancient times. It is valued for its nutritive benefits, balancing blood sugar, clearing the lungs and soothing the kidneys and much more.

The vitamins and minerals present in this tea nourish our very core, even to the marrow of our bones. Often used by nursing mothers to ensure rich milk, while fortifying mother’s iron and calcium levels. Mamaki tea boasts one of the highest sources of living calcium, and it is also rich in iron and potassium. The half ounce package contains enough loose leaf tea to brew 1 gallon of tea. For a quart at a time, use a quarter of the package. Brew this tea by steeping (not boiling), for at least 10 minutes. For a darker tea and stronger flavor, steep longer. Strain leaves, and you are ready to enjoy!

Young leaves from the Mamaki bush can be cooked as a vegetable or eaten raw. Its bark is used for cordage and kapa cloth. Our Kaua’i variety has serrated, ovate leaves with an emerald green top surface and a whitish velvet underside. The leaf stems and three main veins are either green or varying shades of reddish pink. Found in the wild growing along streams, it is a lover of fresh water and is a mild diuretic. An endemic species to the islands of Hawaii, Mamaki (Pipturus albidus) also varies from island to island. It is in the Urtica family and as such, is a friendlier cousin to the stinging nettle. It can grow upwards of 25 ft., has no stingers and also produces a tasty berry. Pulelehua, the beautiful native butterfly with its stunning silver and orange wings is often seen elegantly fluttering around this life sustaining tree.

We primarily cultivate the native Mamaki of this island, propagating from wild seeds found in the same valley as our farm. As always we adhere to Malama ‘Aina practices only. We use soil building, carbon sequestering, organic, no till, regenerative growing methods, feeding our Mamaki on coconut mulch and worm castings. The harvest takes place by 9 am, when the leaves have their highest level of vital nutrients. After washing, the curing time is approximately 36 hours. Then our tea is dried to 45% moisture. The packaging is plant cellulose, the label is paper, and ink is soy based. This means it’s all compostable.




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