The Magic of Comfrey

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The Magic of Comfrey

Comfrey – Nature’s Gift for Healing Wounds

One of Nature’s most miraculous healing herbs, Comfrey has been used for centuries to heal everything from bruises to broken bones. At Ho’olono Natural Remedies we honor the traditions of La’au lapa’au, traditional Hawaiian medicine. We also see great value in passing along the magic of these healing herbs to everyone who is interested in learning and passing the knowledge on.  The video above features Kumu Gabriel Monaghan explaining the history and benefits of Comfrey, the leading ingredient in our Lomi ‘Aila medicated massage oil.

Lomi ‘Aila

Medicated Herbal Massage Oil “Nature’s Eraser” for bumps, bruises, sprains and strains. Lomi ‘Aila is deeply soothing and warming for tight and sore muscles. It is a wonderful aid in helping mend injuries while increasing circulation. This formula works best in combination with lomilomi and/or massage for tight and sore muscles, and for areas needing improved circulation. For bruises, sprains, muscle tears and fractures, simply rub it in with a gentle friction. If added warmth and penetration is desired, soak a short piece of gauze in the oil, and wrap it lightly over the injury. Place a strip of saran wrap or waxed silk on top to hold the oils in, then wrap it up with more gauze. This will allow the injury to draw continuously from a reservoir of this herbal blend. This rich green camphoraceous oil infusion is designed for specific areas of discomfort.

In life we get our share of bumps and bruises. Most injuries are avoidable, however, inevitably they do happen. As much as we seek to avoid stress, it seeks to find us. Nature extends a hand to soothe and heal us when we have over done it or injured ourselves. She provides natural erasers that help heal the injuries of our mistakes, allowing us to heal and learn valuable life lessons in the process.

Let’s speak of the healing warriors that combine energies in this herbal preparation. The leading herb in this formula is COMFREY. Comfrey has a long history of healing bone, tendons, muscle and skin. During the early waves of European arrivals, comfrey was gifted to the people of these islands, with love, from Russia. Since antiquity, Noni and Koali have been, and continue to be, two of the lead herbs commonly used in Hawai’i for mending broken bones, torn ligaments and strained muscles. The Habanero & Nioi (Hawai’ian Peppers) open the doors and let the other healing warriors in. The Capsaicin in these hot peppers acts as a vaso-dialator, allowing the veins, arteries and capillaries to dilate, letting the blood move more freely. This brings the other herbs rapidly to where they need to go.

Wintergreen, Camphor and Menthol essential oils, also aid in the delivery of the other herbs. They have analgesic, cooling and warming properties. All together they deliver a miraculous healing combo! As always, on our farm we Malama ‘Aina by incorporating carbon sequestering, no till, organic soil building practices. Available as a liquid oil in 4oz and 2oz bottles, and also as a salve in a 1oz tin.



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