Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

Olena Heat – Turmeric Tonic

July 9, 2021 By

Feel the Warmth with ‘Olena Heat! Shake it up, take a sip, and get the high octane circulatory boost! This hot blend is ready to accomplish many tasks from housecleaning to taking out the trash. Olena Heat is composed of four herbal warriors; ‘Olena (turmeric), Awapuhi pake (ginger), Kalika (garlic), and Nioi (Hawaiian chili pepper). This amazing blend of herbs…

Organic Gardening

Mamaki Tea – Naturally Healing

May 3, 2021 By

Mamaki is a native Hawaiian plant. It is a member of the nettle family. The leaves of the plant are picked and dried, then brewed with hot water to make a delicious tea. It’s good both hot and cold, and the plant’s bold herbal notes are tamed with a subtle, natural sweetness. Native Hawaiians use Mamaki often for medicinal purposes….


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