Wai Noni Cultured Noni Juice


Wai Noni Cultured Noni Juice


Noni juice made on the North Shore of Kauai. This is a very popular drink in the Hawaiian islands and has been made by locals for generations. This tangy fruit juice is technically a vinegar, and does not require refrigeration. Wai Noni is a wonderful probiotic and immune system booster, in addition to being a very strong antioxidant. Noni is considered to be one of the up-and-coming “super foods”, and has many secondary benefits that are still being discovered.

Scientific studies on Noni fruit/juice:

US National Library of Medicine

Noni Research Site





Traditional Uses:

Used as a full body tonic promoting Intestinal Balance and Immune Health.


Take one ounce three times a day.


100% Cultured Noni Juice.



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Weight 17 oz
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